What does WCEPS do?

The Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services (WCEPS) works with University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty, staff and students to commercialize and disseminate copyrightable educational products and services.

WCEPS will work with creators at any point during the process of commercializing research. We can assist creators in determining ownership, acquiring funding, marketing their product or service and much more. Read more about our work here.

Is WCEPS part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

WCEPS is a separate entity from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). We were founded by friends of the UW and work closely with UW creators to bring their research and development to the general public. Since we are separate from the UW, our partners benefit from both the resources available from a world-class university and the flexibility and lower overhead of a non-profit entity.

How does WCEPS compensate creators?

In the spirit of partnership and collaboration with creators, WCEPS and creators work closely together to find mutually agreeable terms.

Why work with WCEPS?

Creators work with WCEPS for a number of reasons. We are passionate about extending the impact of UW’s amazing educational research in K-12 schools. To that end, we are able to assist with any step in the research to commercialization process, including navigating the complex university policies such as conflict of interest and ownership. We also provide rigorous market research and analysis, other legal services, and assistance in securing startup funding. We collaborate with our partners to ensure the highest standard of quality, and work diligently to maximize product and service effectiveness.

“WCEPS has been an invaluable resource in moving our CALL survey from a research project to a viable marketable product. Their ongoing commitment to our success and their support through product development, navigating the legal requirements of setting up a business, marketing and sales have been invaluable. I have no doubt that we would not have been able to pursue a successful transition from discovery to product without WCEPS' support!” -Carolyn Kelley

How is WCEPS different from WARF or Discovery to Product (D2P)?

While we share the same spirit as D2P and WARF, our focus is exclusively on educational innovations. Working closely with the content creators, WCEPS can manage the day-to-day logistics of running a business, such as customer support, payment billing and processing, marketing, and legal services. WARF and D2P are close partners and models. We’re grateful for the opportunity learn from them and to share best practices.  

Interested in working with WCEPS?

Contact us or attend one of our brown bag lunch series.